A weeks holiday learning Spanish and surfing

A weeks holiday learning Spanish and surfing in Conil June 2017

During June 2017 we were joined by a fantastic group of gentlemen from Germany for a A weeks holiday learning Spanish and surfing.

Henrik, Christian, Detlev, Norman and JP enjoyed beautiful weather and surfing conditions here in Conil de la Frontera.

Learn to Speak Spanish and Surf

The Surf was up all week as were the guys “up for learning Spanish”
Our resident Surf teachers and Spanish teachers welcomed the group who were in high spirits and ready to enjoy a well earned holiday and break from their daily life.

Surfing Lessons In Conil

The Surfing lessons saw some beautiful waves which were quite big for that time in June. The group all progressed very quickly in the waves.
Their Spanish also came on very well. During our nights out in Conil the Spanish was put to a good application and fun was had by everyone.

We here at Oceano Surf would like to thank the group and all the team for making such a special week happen with style!

Photo Gallery of Surfing and Learn Spanish Holiday

surf school in conil de la Frontera
Surfing Conil with Oceano Surf School in Conil.
Christian from Germany enjoying himself in Conil.
Surfing in Conil with Oceano Surf School
Norman is our German lawyer who enjoys his free time to surf in Conil with Oceano Surf School.
Learn to Surf in Conil de la Frontera
Learning to surf with a group of friends in Conil de la Frontera.
surf conil surf spots
One of the great Surf spots in Conil de la Frontera
Surfing waves in Conil
A fine view of Conil de la Frontera from inside a barrel on the surfing beaches of Conil de la Frontera

Congratulations Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright

Congratulations to Tyler Wright who has won her second consecutive Oi Rio Women’s Pro.
A hard fought battle which saw The 2016 World Champ surf in every round of the event!
Tyler was forced to dig her heels in to obtain a very satisfying result after losing to Coco Ho in Round One and Sage Erickson in Round Three
The true sign of a World Champion when she came back with comprehensive heat wins and total heat scores that went into the excellent range.

Tyler Wright Semifinal v´s Sally Fitzgibbons

Tyler was fully focused in her Semifinal match up against the Word Number 3 Sally Fitzgibbons. Applying relentless pressure from early on in the heat that Sally never managed to recover from.

Tyler Wright Final v´s Johanne Defay

In the Final against No. 4 Johanne Defay, Tyler applied the same strategy putting intense pressure on Johanne Defay. This saw Defay in a “combo situation.” This means that the surfer (in this case Johanne Defay) needing two new scoring waves in order to move into first place.

Video Highlights Final Day Oi Rio Women´s Pro

Choose A Good Surf School

Choose A Good Surf School

When you choose a good surf school you are choosing an unforgettable surfing experience. Your holiday time is as important to Oceano Surf as it is to you. As a guest of Oceano Surf you are choosing to have around you a team of experienced people wanting to make your holiday experience the best possible.


The location of Oceano surf is the Costa de la Luz in the South West of Spain. The Costa de la luz is home to some of the most beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches with a mediterranean style climate.

Conil de la Frontera is the home of Oceano Surf and a well know and very popular holiday destination.

One of the main factors which makes Conil de la Frontera a great location for a good surf school are the beaches and wave types. Learning to Surf the types of waves that you choose should be “spilling waves”

The sea floor on the beaches of Conil become deep gradually. This allows for two major advantages of a Surf School location:

Image Gallery Of A Good Surf School In Spain

1.The Creation Of Spilling Waves

Spilling waves are the ideal wave type for learner surfers. As the ocean floor on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera have a gradual slope, the waves steepen until the crest becomes unstable, resulting in turbulent whitewater spilling down the face of the wave. This creates a gentle and long wave which is ideal for learning to Surf.

2.Touching The Sea Floor Whilst Surfing

Most of the surfing lessons for beginner surfers here in Conil de la Frontera are held in the waist depth.

This enables the team of Surfing instructors to give great surfing lessons in the best possible place. The ocean floor on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera have a gradual slope allowing you to walk 50 or up to 75 metres out to sea and still be in the waist depth.

Surfing Equipment

The surfing equipment for beginner surfers should be the best possible quality that allows beginner surfers to progress quickly and safely.
The Surfboards that Oceano Surf choose are the best possible boards for the surfing lessons.
Every couple of years Oceano Surf will renew their surfboards and constantly look for better surfing equipment.

This constant quest for the best beginner surfboards has taken Oceano Surf to different parts of the world where the surf boards are made. 2017 is no different and a brand new batch of beginner surfboards will be in the hands of our students during the summer 2017 surfing lessons in Conil de la Frontera.

Video Of Beginner Surfboards At Oceano Surf In Conil

In conclusion the team at Oceano Surf see you as their guests and fully appreciate how hard you work during the year and how important your holidays are to you. It is for this reason that the team here at Oceano Surf will ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst learning to surf in Conil de la Frontera!

Surf Course Gift Cards & Surf Course Gift Certificates

Oceano Surf Conil Gift Experience, Surf Lesson Vouchers

Surf Course Gift Cards & Surf Course Gift Certificates

By heading over the Oceano Surf Shop you can now purchase surf course gift cards & surf course gift certificates.
The gift cards & gift vouchers for surf courses in Spain make a fantastic gift for all occasions.
Learn to Surf Gift Experience vouchers – The perfect gift for any occasion. Surfing Lessons at Oceano Surf Conil for all ages and abilities.

Available for the Adult 5 Day Surf Course, Children´s 5 Day Surf Course or a private Surfing lesson.

You can give someone you love the gift of a surfing lessons or surf course. Buying a Surf Course or Surf lesson gift card you will be treating someone special to an unforgettable surfing experience.

Power Surfing Reaches A New Level

Power Surfing Reaches A New Level

John John Florence (JJF) has ensured that power surfing reaches a new level.

At a recent WSL competition in Western Australia John John Florence blew everyone away with his display of power surfing. When we say everyone we mean absolutely everyone.

JJF showed the world that he was operating at the sharpest end of the scale. Leaving fellow competitors in his wake JJF tore through heat after heat with an immense display of power surfing.

When asked about the performance that JJF put on at Margaret River Main Break, Kelly Slater said:

“It was incredible to watch someone so thoroughly in tune with all aspects of their surfing. John John’s performance was one that will be talked about forever because it truly encompassed the essence of surfing.

“Margaret River is a difficult wave to read and have confidence in and he somehow unlocked the riddle perfectly. I said it would’ve been a shame had he not won that event after such a performance.

“I can assure you every surfer on tour is questioning either their talent or approach after watching that, and will all need to step up or step aside. John didn’t surf to win heats, he simply surfed to express what he does best in his own way.”

Video Of WSL Margaret River Final

5 Reasons To Choose Oceano Surf School in Conil

5 Reasons To Choose Oceano Surf School in Conil

There are probably more? But here are 5 reasons to choose Oceano Surf School in Conil.

1. Experienced Surfing Instructors

The Surfing Instructors at Oceano Surf in Conil have beginner and intermediate surfing lessons down to a tee.
Their unrivalled experience in teaching beginner and intermediate surfers of all ages and physical abilities is what makes the big difference between their lessons and those of the competitor surf schools.

Oceano Surf is a family run business and your Surfing Instructors treat you like one of the family. After spending years of teaching surfing and visiting different surf schools around the world, observing which techniques work and which don´t Oceano Surf Surfing Instructors will ensure that your lessons are completely suited to you helping you advance at speed.

Recently the younger members of the Oceano Surf team took their Surf Instructors award course and actually highlighted some new and different techniques for people who have had knee operations to stand on the surfboards.

2. Best Beginner Surfboards and Equipment Available

One of the major factors that sets Oceano Surf aside from their competitors is the constant investment in new material that is designed for beginner surfers.

After years of experience in testing which surf boards work for beginner surfers, Oceano Surf has sourced their surfboards and wetsuits and make constant investments in their equipment every one or two years renewing their equipment.

Our competitor Surf Schools will give their students “who don´t know better” substandard and broken equipment in turn convincing them that they do not need good equipment as they are learning.

This is absolutely unacceptable for the team at Oceano Surf School.

Once a board becomes broken or damaged it either is taken for repair or gets recycled. Under NO circumstances should our students have substandard or broken equipment.

Oceano Surf Beginner Surfboards Video

One of the 5 reasons to choose Oceano Surf School in Conil is the consistent investment in new equipment. Here is a short video featuring the new beginner Surfboards for the 2017 surfing season.

3. Amazing Beaches To Learn To Surf

Conil de la Frontera is relatively unknown in the “Surf World”. The reason being is that much more focus goes to surrounding beaches in the area such as El Palmar. The truth being that the waves in Conil have much more variety and are much better suited to beginner surfers.
Beaches such as El Palmar are very famous and “fashionable” for surfers. The reality is that El Palmar suffers from de-regulation and there are at least 20 Surf Schools all competing against each other in a very small space.

This makes Surfing lessons very dangerous in the Spring, Summer and Autumn as the designated surfing zone is very small indeed and many people suffer from injuries as they get hit by the boards of other surfers in the reduced surfing zone. This is NOT a problem in Conil de la Frontera.

Oceano Surf work in close collaboration with the Conil de la Frontera town hall and have allocated surfing beaches for their guests. Oceano Surf enjoys miles of uninterrupted empty beaches for their summer surfing lessons.

The beaches of Conil de la Frontera have gentle slopes out to sea and the waves are “spilling waves” which are perfect for learning to Surf.

Video Highlighting the Perfect Waves For Learning To Surf In Conil

Recently Oceano Surf in Conil enjoyed the company of an eclectic mixture of children with different nationalities that all came together on the beach of Conil to Surf with Oceano Surf School during a children’s 5 Day Surf Course.

4.Beautiful Sunny Weather on South Spain´s Costa de la Luz

Learning to Surf should be a fabulous and fun experience. With amazing sunny beaches and crystal clear waters Conil de la Frontera enjoys a spectacular location to learn to Surf. The endless sandy beaches are enjoyed under sunny blue skies making learning to Surf so much more enjoyable.
The waves here in Conil are less powerful than other famous surfing destinations making them perfect to learn surfing and enjoy the beach as a place to spend time.

5. Absence of Dangerous Marine Life

Various surfing beaches around the world suffer from unwanted visitors in the form of sharks and poisonous jellyfish.
Conil de la Frontera is a very safe and shark free destination making it a perfect learn to safe destination.
Although sharks will never stop me from surfing there are places that I will avoid as they are notorious for having dangerous sharks.
Conil de la Frontera is NOT one of these places!

Watch Jordy Smith In “Just Now”

Jordy Smith´s New Video – “Just Now”

We have always looked up to and admired Jordy Smith. His style of surfing is inspirational and we absolutely loved his video “Now Now” back in 2013. Now Now was filmed in Mozambique, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia.

His style of surfing is powerful, stylish and extremely explosive. The bottom / top turn combinations are super spontaneous.

Enjoy his new film Just Now as we certainly are!

A short surf film directed by Dane Staples starring professional surfer Jordy Smith.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
Mötley Crüe – Girls, Girls, Girls
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley

Just Now

Beginner Surfboards Oceano Surf Conil 2017

Brand new beginner surfboards for beginner surfers

Oceano Surf in Conil has been testing beginner surfboards for beginner surfers over the past 10 years at the Conil Surf School.

After many years of trial and error we believe that the brand new surfboards for beginner surfers that have been purchased for the Surf season of 2017 are the best yet.

For our younger surfers who weigh in at less than 70 kilos the brand new SSB (Surf school boards) by Ocean and Earth are proving to be absolutely brilliant.

Ocean and Earth Softboards

Whats Makes A Good Beginner Surfboard?

Contrary to popular belief buying the same surfboards as the top pros are riding does not mean that you will be able to surf like one of the top pros.

As a matter of fact as a beginner surfer riding the wrong surfboard will severely inhibit the learn to surf process and probably put the beginner surfer off surfing for good.

A good beginner surfboard should really display the following characteristics:

  • Volume throughout the whole board
  • Wide nose
  • wide mid point
  • soft round rails
  • wide tail with heaps of volume
  • Soft buoyant materials
  • Subtle rocker to keep the board from nose diving on take off

Oceano Surf New Beginner Surfboards for 2017

Oceano surf are constantly renewing their equipment and always on the look out for beginner surfboards that really work.
The Oceano Surf new beginner surfboards for 2017 have been sourced from two separate sources.
The smaller 7`6 new beginner surfboards for 2017 are made by Ocean and Earth and the 8 ´surfboards have been made in Northern Ireland by a new surfboard company called Sunkworks Surfboards.
Whilst still waiting on delivery for the Sunkworks Surfboards from Northern Ireland we can assure you that once they are in our hands they will undergo extensive product testing.

Video product testing the New 2017 Surfboards Oceano Surf Conil

Thanks to Andy and Juanmi from Oceano Surf for making this informative video showing the new Surfboards for 2017 and putting them through a product test!

Surfing Lessons For Young People In Conil de la Frontera

High School Students Surf Courses – Conil de la Frontera

Surfing lessons young people Conil de la Frontera is new for the year of 2017. The Town hall of Conil de la Frontera has allocated a budget for High School students to learn a new sport.

Several options were presented to the Town hall of Conil and voted upon. Learning to Surf gained the most popular vote and won by a clear majority. Surfing lessons young people conil de la frontera took place of seven Saturdays throughout February, March and April.

Surfing lessons young people Conil de la Frontera

Oceano Surf School was chosen by Conil de la Frontera town hall to carry out the Surfing lessons for the young people between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.
Every Saturday from February the 18th 2017 until April 1st 2017 Oceano Surf Conil will carry out Surfing lessons for the secondary / high school students of Conil de la Frontera.
In total a group of 30 young people will attend a Surf Course held by Oceano Surf Conil on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera.

At the time of writing this blog post we are already three weeks (3 surfing lessons) into the Surf course. Although we have had a very varied weather and wave conditions the surfing lessons have been adapted to the beginner surfer level of the young people and the winter waves of Conil de la Frontera.

Image Gallery Surfing Lessons Young People Conil de la Frontera

We hope that you enjoy the image gallery of Surfing lessons Young people Conil de la Frontera. The course is half way through and the young people are really getting to grips with their surfing skills.

Conil de la Frontera Is A Great Place to Learn To Surf

There are several factors that make Conil de la Frontera a great place to learn to surf. With kilometres of sandy beaches and Atlantic Ocean waves learning to Surf in Conil is an absolute pleasure.
During the Surf course for the young people of Conil the beach of choice was the Playa de la Fontanilla. The Playa de la Fontanilla in the summer time is primarily a bathers beach that is frequented by families, however the winter provides the perfect place to learn to Surf. It is on the Playa de la Fontanilla.

Civil Protection Conil Supporting The Surf Courses

Civil Protection Conil de la Frontera or (Proteccion Civil Conil de la Frontera) is an organisation that provides a much needed bridge between the emergency services and the public.
Oceano Surf Conil works in very close collaboration with Proteccion Civil Conil de la Frontera providing safety and security on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera.
Accident prevention and safety is high on the list of priorities whilst conducting surfing lessons.
Having the Proteccion Civil Conil de la Frontera supporting Oceano Surf Conil´s activities is an amazing resource.

From everyone at Oceano Surf we would like to give thanks to the team and all the members of Proteccion Civil Conil de la Frontera for their dedication and support on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera.

Youtube Video Surfing Lessons Young People Conil de la Frontera

During the Surfing lessons young people Conil de la Frontera we have been trying to capture the essence of the Surfing lessons on video. There are several video clips that have been put togther throughout the course however one of the Youtube Video Surfing Lessons Young People Conil de la Frontera that we enjoy the most not only includes the surf course but it also includes some footage of the Carnival of Conil de la Frontera.

Fiji Women’s Pro 2016 – Congratulations Johanne Defay

Johanne Defay Wins the Fiji Women’s Pro 2016

Congratualtions to Johanne Defay who fought off the Worlds best female surfers in perfect waves on the Cloudbreak reef just off Tavaura Island in Fiji.

As a relative newcomer to the WSL World Championship tour (Johanne came on tour in 2014), she has already been appreciated as an amazing athlete.

Last Summer Johanne won the US Open in Huntington Beach California. The waves were quite average and Johanne was relatively unknown.

Yesterday Johanne beat a plethora of top female surfers in amazing reef pass waves in the Pacific Ocean. This is an amazing feat and shows clear characteristics of an incredible athlete.

From all the team here at Oceano Surf congratulations to Johanne Defay!