Private Family Villa Surfing Holidays

Private Family Villa Surfing Holidays

Imagine yourself and your family relaxing in a luxurious private villa in the sunny South of Spain. Now throw in the excitement of a surfing course and many other activities for the whole family to enjoy. The holiday is hassle free and tailored to your needs with fabulous sunshine guaranteed. That is what the The Private Villa Family Surfing Holidays Conil de la Frontera are all about.

Conil de la Frontera is situated in the beautiful landscapes of Southern Spain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Conil is a stunning place to visit and has many interesting things to see and do, like bike rides along the coast and through the extensive pine forest, surfing courses and horse back riding. Why not grab a bite to eat at one of the delicious tapas bars as you meander around the typical white washed Andalusian town or stroll along the huge soft sandy beach with an ice cream in your hands. The people here are generous and welcoming and it’s lovely to see how children are also included in everything. There is something here for everyone.

The Private Villa Family Surfing Holidays Conil de la Frontera gives you a convenient base to explore the town from. The Villas themselves are beautiful escapes and a comfortable place for the whole family to relax. They have been built with families in mind and so are designed to provide visitors with all you may need during your stay in Conil de la Frontera. It is so refreshing to see how safe and enjoyable Conil is, it is a fabulous place to visit, you can sit back, unwind whilst also enjoy an active family holiday.

Family Villas Conil Image Gallery

Oceano Surf Conil are the most experienced provider of surf courses in Conil de la Frontera. They are a family run business who have started The Private Villa Family Surfing Holidays Conil de la Frontera and Andy is on hand to help make your holiday memorable. If learning to surf is on your bucket list then Oceano Surf’s family surfing course is the way to go! What could be better than the sun on your back, the sparkle in the water and the exhilarating feeling as you learn to ride the waves of Conil.

So sit back, put your feet up and book yourself and your family into one of The Private Villa Family Surfing Holidays Conil de la Frontera knowing that everything will be taken care of and your one step closer to the holiday of your dreams!

Best Surf Guide For Your Morocco Surf Holiday

Best Surf Guide For Your Morocco Surf Holiday

A few years back (8 to be precise) I was surfing a beautiful right hand wave in the North of Morocco. There were three of us out in the water. Myself and two young Moroccan surfers from the Kenitra / Mehdia region. One of those young surfers has now become one of the best surf guides for your Morocco Surfing holiday.

Introducing Ayoub el Moutwakil

Ayoub was born and raised in the wave rich region of Kenitra / Mehdia in the North of Morocco. He started surfing in 2008 and hasn’t stopped since. Its amazing to see how well he surfs in his home waves of Mehdia when he is back at home. Ayoub is now twenty six years old. His first language is Arabic closely followed by French and English. Ayoub and his friends are some of the most personable, genuine and humble people that I know.

Crowded Conditions in the Taghouzt

Surfing in Morocco is no longer a secret. Its well known that the Agadir region has become overcrowded with Surf Schools and Surf Camps. Many foreign Surf camp owners have jumped onto the “Surfing bandwagon” bringing hundreds of guests from Northern Europe and afar to surf the beaches of Morocco with promises of perfect pristine waves.

The reality is that once the guests arrive they are transported in masses from one beach to another with no real attention to personal services by their Surf camp guides. AirBnb has bullied Surf camp owners into dropping prices thus reducing the quality of the service. So here is someone who has seen surfing develop over the past 10 years and has decided to make a difference.

Surf Camp Holiday In Agadir Banana Village

Ayoub´s Surf Camp is located in the Agadir region of Morocco. More specifically Banana Village. Its a 5 minute drive to the beach from his camp.
The camp is set up for singles, families, groups and couples. Up to 18 people can stay in the Surf Camp at any one time.
Its a 5 minute drive to the nearest beach.
At the Surf Camp you can enjoy a swimming pool, a roof terrace for Yoga and a lovely view to the cliffs.
Ayoub will be there to look after you. Which in our option is worth its weight in gold!

A Weekend of Cultures Combining

A Celebration of An Incredible Species

Every year in May, the prized tuna, succulent with fat reserves to provide energy for their long journey, make their way to the warmer waters of the Mediterranean. Knowing this, skilled local fishermen set up a labyrinth of nets called the Almadraba to catch these delicious tuna fish.

The Almadraba is an ancient system of precisely positioned nets off the coast to trap the tuna as they migrate through.

A great example of sustainable fishing, the Almadraba tolerates no waste and no over-fishing. There is a strict allowance as to how much can be fished and the experienced fishermen know exactly which specimens they want, returning all other fish and tuna back to the sea.

This yearly event is cause for huge celebration across the month of May and this traditional style of fishing has brought together the countries that benefit from the trade of the tuna.
This past weekend, the celebrations were in full swing in the sunny town of Conil de la Frontera as we celebrated the Entre Almadrabas Festival. This festival highlighted the 150th anniversary of the respected relationship between Spain and Japan, the largest importer of bluefin tuna.

Entre Almadrabas Photos

The Entre Almadrabas Festival spanned this past weekend from Thursday to Saturday. We enjoyed fabulous events ranging from cooking demonstrations, using the tuna in both Spanish and Japanese style, and educational presentations to musical events and street parties. The town buzzed with life the whole weekend. The exhibition, “Las mujeres samurái de Onna-Bugeisha” showcased women samurai, whilst there was a musical performance using traditional drums by the Japanese group Seiwa Taiko. The festival ended on Saturday night with a multicultural explosion of musical entertainment to delight us all. With the beat of the music running through the spines of the swaying audience, this was a weekend to be experienced and always remembered.

Incredible Surfing Professionals Ireland

When you think of incredible surfing conditions does your mind  wander to the frigid waters of the West Coast of Ireland?

Here are two incredible surfing professionals getting some unbelievable  waves in Ireland.

They are Leonardo Fioravanti and  Aritz Aranburu .

Here they are on a recent trip. Fully rubbered up to the max and absolutely charing with incredible style in some rather amazing waves!


Ruta Del Atun 2018 Conil de la Frontera

Ruta Del Atun 2018 Conil de la Frontera

The Ruta del Atun 2018 Conil de la Frontera is scheduled for the 4th of May until the 4th of June 2018.

The initiative was born when the Conil de la Frontera tourist board and the local restaurants in Conil decided to collaborate and show off a varied and exquisite gastronomical delight. The Bluefin Tuna. 

The Bluefin Tuna is captured along the Costa de la Luz using ancient Arabic fishing technique called “the Almadraba”.

What is the Almadraba?

Over 3000 years ago the Phoenicians invented an ingenious system to net migrating Tuna fish. Every year the Tuna pass through the Straits of Gibraltar on their way to the Mediterranean in order to migrate to warmer waters. The Bluefin Tuna have the greatest fat reserves during the Spring after a long Winter.

The nets are placed with great precision and trap the migrating Tuna. The tuna swim through different parts of the nets until they’re caught in a central area, encircled by a ring of boats; the net is then lifted and the largest specimens selected by the expert fishermen – each can weigh more than 500kg. This is called the levantá (raising); the net is then lowered back in to the sea – the bajá.

The Ruta Del Atun In Conil de la Frontera

A total of 36 bars and restaurants will be participating this year in the Ruta del Atun in Conil de la Frontera. There is a plethora of amazing tapas and whole meals that have been created by the different establishments around Conil de la Frontera.
The prices range from a Tapa of 4 euros to Tuna that costs 100 euros per kilo in the Restaurant of La Fontanilla.
So what are you waiting for? The Ruta del Atun is in full swing. You won´t get the chance to taste Tuna quite like it anywhere else.

Map of The Ruta del Atun 2018

A weeks holiday learning Spanish and surfing

A weeks holiday learning Spanish and surfing in Conil June 2017

During June 2017 we were joined by a fantastic group of gentlemen from Germany for a A weeks holiday learning Spanish and surfing.

Henrik, Christian, Detlev, Norman and JP enjoyed beautiful weather and surfing conditions here in Conil de la Frontera.

Learn to Speak Spanish and Surf

The Surf was up all week as were the guys “up for learning Spanish”
Our resident Surf teachers and Spanish teachers welcomed the group who were in high spirits and ready to enjoy a well earned holiday and break from their daily life.

Surfing Lessons In Conil

The Surfing lessons saw some beautiful waves which were quite big for that time in June. The group all progressed very quickly in the waves.
Their Spanish also came on very well. During our nights out in Conil the Spanish was put to a good application and fun was had by everyone.

We here at Oceano Surf would like to thank the group and all the team for making such a special week happen with style!

Photo Gallery of Surfing and Learn Spanish Holiday

surf school in conil de la Frontera
Surfing Conil with Oceano Surf School in Conil.
Christian from Germany enjoying himself in Conil.
Surfing in Conil with Oceano Surf School
Norman is our German lawyer who enjoys his free time to surf in Conil with Oceano Surf School.
Learn to Surf in Conil de la Frontera
Learning to surf with a group of friends in Conil de la Frontera.
surf conil surf spots
One of the great Surf spots in Conil de la Frontera
Surfing waves in Conil
A fine view of Conil de la Frontera from inside a barrel on the surfing beaches of Conil de la Frontera

Congratulations Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright

Congratulations to Tyler Wright who has won her second consecutive Oi Rio Women’s Pro.
A hard fought battle which saw The 2016 World Champ surf in every round of the event!
Tyler was forced to dig her heels in to obtain a very satisfying result after losing to Coco Ho in Round One and Sage Erickson in Round Three
The true sign of a World Champion when she came back with comprehensive heat wins and total heat scores that went into the excellent range.

Tyler Wright Semifinal v´s Sally Fitzgibbons

Tyler was fully focused in her Semifinal match up against the Word Number 3 Sally Fitzgibbons. Applying relentless pressure from early on in the heat that Sally never managed to recover from.

Tyler Wright Final v´s Johanne Defay

In the Final against No. 4 Johanne Defay, Tyler applied the same strategy putting intense pressure on Johanne Defay. This saw Defay in a “combo situation.” This means that the surfer (in this case Johanne Defay) needing two new scoring waves in order to move into first place.

Video Highlights Final Day Oi Rio Women´s Pro

Choose A Good Surf School

Choose A Good Surf School

When you choose a good surf school you are choosing an unforgettable surfing experience. Your holiday time is as important to Oceano Surf as it is to you. As a guest of Oceano Surf you are choosing to have around you a team of experienced people wanting to make your holiday experience the best possible.


The location of Oceano surf is the Costa de la Luz in the South West of Spain. The Costa de la luz is home to some of the most beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches with a mediterranean style climate.

Conil de la Frontera is the home of Oceano Surf and a well know and very popular holiday destination.

One of the main factors which makes Conil de la Frontera a great location for a good surf school are the beaches and wave types. Learning to Surf the types of waves that you choose should be “spilling waves”

The sea floor on the beaches of Conil become deep gradually. This allows for two major advantages of a Surf School location:

Image Gallery Of A Good Surf School In Spain

1.The Creation Of Spilling Waves

Spilling waves are the ideal wave type for learner surfers. As the ocean floor on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera have a gradual slope, the waves steepen until the crest becomes unstable, resulting in turbulent whitewater spilling down the face of the wave. This creates a gentle and long wave which is ideal for learning to Surf.

2.Touching The Sea Floor Whilst Surfing

Most of the surfing lessons for beginner surfers here in Conil de la Frontera are held in the waist depth.

This enables the team of Surfing instructors to give great surfing lessons in the best possible place. The ocean floor on the beaches of Conil de la Frontera have a gradual slope allowing you to walk 50 or up to 75 metres out to sea and still be in the waist depth.

Surfing Equipment

The surfing equipment for beginner surfers should be the best possible quality that allows beginner surfers to progress quickly and safely.
The Surfboards that Oceano Surf choose are the best possible boards for the surfing lessons.
Every couple of years Oceano Surf will renew their surfboards and constantly look for better surfing equipment.

This constant quest for the best beginner surfboards has taken Oceano Surf to different parts of the world where the surf boards are made. 2017 is no different and a brand new batch of beginner surfboards will be in the hands of our students during the summer 2017 surfing lessons in Conil de la Frontera.

Video Of Beginner Surfboards At Oceano Surf In Conil

In conclusion the team at Oceano Surf see you as their guests and fully appreciate how hard you work during the year and how important your holidays are to you. It is for this reason that the team here at Oceano Surf will ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst learning to surf in Conil de la Frontera!

Surf Course Gift Cards & Surf Course Gift Certificates

Oceano Surf Conil Gift Experience, Surf Lesson Vouchers

Surf Course Gift Cards & Surf Course Gift Certificates

By heading over the Oceano Surf Shop you can now purchase surf course gift cards & surf course gift certificates.
The gift cards & gift vouchers for surf courses in Spain make a fantastic gift for all occasions.
Learn to Surf Gift Experience vouchers – The perfect gift for any occasion. Surfing Lessons at Oceano Surf Conil for all ages and abilities.

Available for the Adult 5 Day Surf Course, Children´s 5 Day Surf Course or a private Surfing lesson.

You can give someone you love the gift of a surfing lessons or surf course. Buying a Surf Course or Surf lesson gift card you will be treating someone special to an unforgettable surfing experience.

Power Surfing Reaches A New Level

Power Surfing Reaches A New Level

John John Florence (JJF) has ensured that power surfing reaches a new level.

At a recent WSL competition in Western Australia John John Florence blew everyone away with his display of power surfing. When we say everyone we mean absolutely everyone.

JJF showed the world that he was operating at the sharpest end of the scale. Leaving fellow competitors in his wake JJF tore through heat after heat with an immense display of power surfing.

When asked about the performance that JJF put on at Margaret River Main Break, Kelly Slater said:

“It was incredible to watch someone so thoroughly in tune with all aspects of their surfing. John John’s performance was one that will be talked about forever because it truly encompassed the essence of surfing.

“Margaret River is a difficult wave to read and have confidence in and he somehow unlocked the riddle perfectly. I said it would’ve been a shame had he not won that event after such a performance.

“I can assure you every surfer on tour is questioning either their talent or approach after watching that, and will all need to step up or step aside. John didn’t surf to win heats, he simply surfed to express what he does best in his own way.”

Video Of WSL Margaret River Final